• Collaborative Data Intelligence

    We develop unified solutions for managing the Performance, Governance and Disclosure of the company’s business information.
  • Cybersecurity

    We develop operational models in the field of IT Security that combine compliance, human resources, organizational processes, and technology.
  • Digital Business

    We develop digital platforms for the management of Digital Companies, Industry 4.0, Cities and Smart Rural Areas.
  • eGovernment

    We develop integrated procedure management platforms for government bodies, promoting the re-engineering of the processes and the transparency of the relationships.
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics 365

    We specialize in the Microsoft AX platform and Dynamics 365, an ERP system of the latest generation.
  • ERP: SAP

    We have positioned ourselves on the market as a major Systems Integrator and we’re an SAP Service Partner and Channel Partner (VAR) for the resale of licenses with PCoE certification.
  • Financial Services

    We support our customers in achieving their business objectives by proposing innovative integrated solutions that enable re-platforming for the new digital business.
  • Information Management

    We design and deliver tailored solutions that do maximize the IT infrastructure efficiency in the realm of business information management and protection
  • Infrastructure Service & Cloud

    We offer services to simplify Data Center and Telecommunications infrastructures.
  • MES

    We develop integrated software solutions for the management of the production processes in an Industry 4.0 context.
  • Microsoft CRM & Business Analytics

    We help companies implement their own information systems, make quick and informed decisions, manage their sales processes, and improve customer loyalty.
  • Salesforce

    Thanks to the expertise of our professionals and the innovative solutions provided by Salesforce, we offer our customers the opportunity to achieve new goals and successes.
  • Telco & Networking

    We provide specialized consulting and Information Technology services, with strong skills in the areas of communication and collaboration, security, and cloud services for Enterprises and Service Providers.