System Integrator specialized in providing SAP solutions for both SMEs and large companies. It counts on a team of skilled and qualified experts, present in the ICT market for over 20 years. SAP Service Partner and Channel Partner (VAR) for the resale of licenses with PCoE certification (Partner Center of Expertise).

  • PA Expertise

    Complete and integrated solutions to help companies implement their own information systems (ERP), make quick and informed decisions (BA), manage their sales processes, and improve customer loyalty (CRM). Advanced skills in the Ceramics, Fashion, Industry and Consumer Goods sectors.

  • PA 4tune

    It develops unified solutions for managing the Performance, Governance and Disclosure of the company's business information.

  • Ecobyte Technology

    Business Technological Suppliers & Consultants with over 20 years of experience in the con System Integration field. It also implements operational models in the field of IT Security that combine compliance, human resources, organizational processes, and technology.

  • In.I.T

    Specialized consulting and Information Technology services, with strong skills in the areas of Communication and Collaboration, Security, and Cloud services for Enterprises and Service Providers. It develops integrated procedure management platforms for government bodies.

  • UP Solutions

    It develops integrated software solutions for the management of the production processes in an Industry 4.0 context. Professional "just in time" consulting and technological innovation to implement the digitalization of textile production companies worldwide.

  • PA USA | C9

    Consultancy company that helps organizations to grow in their target markets by using ERP and CRM software systems. It offers implementation, support, training and services for business processes optimization based on Dynamics AX, ERP and CRM platforms, especially in the fashion and retail sectors.

  • Novustech

    Specialized in providing solutions and consultancy for the fields of Information Management, Information Security and System Integration, with a diversified customer base that covers all sectors with high potential for technological innovation.

  • K-Digitale

    Innovative Startup that develops digital platforms for the management of Digital Companies, Industry 4.0, Cities and Smart Rural Areas.

  • Inasset

    One of the biggest players in the Cloud services sector. Thanks to its six datacenters, all interconnected to each other at high speed, it provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services also on ERP platforms such as SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT. It also manages business continuity, disaster recovery, backup and data security services for its customers.