JUST MES, the software suite developed by Up Solutions for the textile and apparel sector, will be presented at ITMA 2019 with its new release

The quadrennial event, where the key players of the industry and service sector converge, will see the debut of the “Info Point” module, designed to monitor operations through mobile devices

PA Group announces the establishment of PA EVOLUTION

PA Group, after the recent acquisition of Easyconn and the establishment of the NewCo PA Maghreb, continues to invest and grow.

PA Group, after the recent acquisition of Easyconn and the establishment of the NewCo PA Maghreb, continues to invest and grow.

PA Evolution, in fact, started its operations a few day ago aggregating the skills of Ecobyte Technology, Novustech and InIT: three companies specialized in the areas of vertical applications and solutions development, whose clients are companies and public administrations that want to invest in the areas of Digital Innovation, Cybersecurity and Telecommunications, require access to consulting services for Governance, Risk and Compliance, and wish to increase their business performance.

PA Evolution represents the beginning of a new development phase, which bases its foundations on the skills and expertise gained independently over the years by the three companies. – says Ennio Baracetti, President of PA Group – This operation will in fact give further strength and momentum to the evolution not only of the companies involved in the merger, but also to the entire Group that presents itself to the market in an increasingly aggregate and integrated form, guaranteeing maximum efficiency, competitiveness and quality to its end customers.

According to recent investment and growth plans, the merger that has just taken place will lead the Group to consolidate its position in the ICT sector and will lead PA Evolution to become a global player in the digital innovation. Thanks to its ability to transform the business adopting the AGILE methodology and introducing DevOPS and Continuous Delivery, PA Evolution has already acquired important contracts with the world leaders in the automotive sector, which have renewed their confidence in its team of experts, and entrusted them with the ambitious challenge to support their Digital Transformation.

“The combination of the know-how of three important companies will give impetus and strength to PA Evolution, which presents itself as an aggregate reality capable of providing increasingly specific and customized solutions based on the demands of the global market. – comments Maurizio Valente, Responsible, on behalf of the Holding, of PA Evolution merger plan – The digital application innovation skills are now bonded with the competences on infrastructural and security management which, integrated with management consulting skills on privacy and quality issues, define PA Evolution as a true global digital partner for all companies that want to face the challenge of the future in a serious and concrete way.

The heritage of the three merged companies entails the development of projects in the IT Security and the enhancement of the data protection processes, the design and implementation of IP network infrastructures and the performance of customer experience monitoring activities. Furthermore, for the Public Administrations, the offering includes integrated platforms for the management of procedures in order to promote the reengineering of processes and the transparency of relationships (e.g.: the Single Desk for production activities, the Acquirente Unico Conciliation Room for the disputes with the utility companies or the platform for the immigration management procedures).

PA GROUP inaugurates Partners Associates Maghreb, a new company in Morocco

PA Maghreb deals with business and IT consulting, design services and technical support to guide the Digital Innovation of its Clients, mainly in the manufacturing sector.

The establishment of Partners Associates Maghreb SARL, headquartered in Casablanca (Morocco), is a fundamental step in PA Group’s progressive growth path; a goal that has been strongly pursued and achieved also through efficient teamwork, to further develop our geographic presence in the global market – says Ennio Baracetti, PA Group President and President of PA Maghreb – The choice to expand in Morocco is favoured by the fact that Morocco is a Country that is rapidly developing and offers many investment openings to companies ready to take this opportunity.” – concludes Baracetti.

In collaboration with the major players in the sector (Forcepoint, Symantec, McAfee, Veritas etc.) PA Maghreb also deals with risk security assessment, design, implementation and management of Data Loss Prevention solutions, Server Migration and Email Archiving, routing email, networks, server and Endpoint Security, and finally the design and management of telephony system and integrated communication solution.

PA Maghreb – explains Alessio Fasano, General Director of the Moroccan Newco – deals with business and IT consulting, design services and technical support to guide the Digital Innovation of its Clients, mainly in the manufacturing sector (in particular, textiles and clothing). It provides customized and innovative IT solutions in the areas of cyber security, production, machine data collection and monitoring and product quality assurance, thereby improving the competitiveness and corporate performance of its Customers and reducing their overall costs. Customers investing in software acquisition also have access to maintenance and support services to ensure software reliability and updates.”

The combination of innovation and our experience is the key to offer solutions that can optimize the infrastructure of our customers – says Davide Giustina, Director of PA Maghreb, who continues – Thanks to the personalized approach and with controlled programming, today it is possible to manage technological innovation and improve business performance.

Press release PA Maghreb

Partners Associates Group invests in Inasset

Partners Associates Group, a system integrator in which stakes are held by FVS and RiverRock, announced the acquisition of 97.63% of Inasset Srl, a company specialized in the management of Data Center services and infrastructures.

Udine, 12/2/2018Partners Associates Group, a system integrator in which stakes are held by FVS and RiverRock, announced the acquisition of 97.63% of Inasset Srl (www.inasset.it), a company specialized in the management of Data Center services and infrastructures.

Inasset main shareholders have joined PA Group shareholding structure, alongside the Baracetti family and the FVS and RiverRock investors, to continue the development of the PA Group itself, which will benefit from the industrial integration.

The operation is the result of an industrial combination aimed at seizing new synergies and opportunities on the Italian and non-Italian markets. Thanks to this acquisition, PA Group confirms its leadership in the Cloud Computing market and strengthens its ability to offer increasingly innovative services for the management of critical systems of its customers.

The integration allows PA Group to take an important step towards the interconnectivity offered to our customers. PA Group now offers connectivity not only between the different customer locations worldwide, but also with the networks that integrate customers, suppliers, partners and external resources of a company, because today most of the information flows take place less and less within the company and are increasingly more cloud-based.

Inasset infrastructure consists of both the proprietary data center (with three additional data centers which guarantee business continuity and Disaster Recovery) and around 1,500 kilometres of proprietary fibre, plus an additional 2,000 kilometres of managed fibre to cover a large part of the North East of Italy. The integration of the Inasset infrastructure into the PA Group allows to better serve the customer portfolio of both companies through the supply of new products and services that improve and complete the level of assistance on the entire ICT service landscape needed in the current digital era, such as management software (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, software and proprietary products, etc), CRM, Business Analytics, Networking, Cybersecurity, Cloud services and Datacentering.

Following this transaction, Partners Associates Group, including the newly acquired Inasset, closed 2017 with a pro forma turnover of approximately 60 Million Euro and an Ebitda of approximately 7.5 Million Euro and declares its willingness to become a reference point to aggregate the IT service provider sector, and to further grow also through the incorporation of other operators present in the territory.

Ennio Baracetti, President of Partners Associates Group said: “This is a strategic operation. It was considered necessary for the growth of the group, it was extensively searched for and it was desired in the utmost conviction to make a difference in the market; to this purpose, we identified a structure with extraordinary people who share the same objectives as the Group: growth, improvement, achievement of increasingly challenging objectives.”

Roberto Cella, Founder, Chairman of Inasset and new member of PA Group said: “We have listened to the continuous requests coming not just from our customers but also and especially from the market, for the supply not only of Cloud Computing, but also of managed services and cybersecurity: with this operation we are giving a solid response. The goal of Inasset has always been our customers’ satisfaction and our response to their requests has been the merger of two excellences, each in its field, which can cover every area of the ICT world. A single point of responsibility and a single interlocutor for every need.”

PA Group is continuing to grow also in the first few months of 2018 and plans to include thirty new professional figures within June 2018 (these resources will be added to the seven hundred already operational). The selections have already begun and include the following sectors: junior system administrator, senior, commercial, marketing and communications manager.

Michele Petrazzo, CEO of Inasset and new member of the PA Group added: “Inasset has always believed that offering all-round solutions is the right proposition to differentiate itself in the increasing complexity of the current and future technology world. Evolution and continuous improvement must always lead to the creation of new technological and evolved solutions, but also to accomplishing large and strategic integration steps. Inasset and PA Group are the perfect combination of infrastructure and professional technological services in the Italian scene and beyond.”

Financial Advisor of PA Group for the structuring of the transaction was RNJ Capital, while the Due Diligence was carried out by BDO Transaction Services.

The law firms that followed the deal were Osborne & Clarke (with their Partner Umberto Piattelli) for the PA Group and Lawyer Panni for Inasset members.


For more information:

Partners Associates Group: Pierantonio Morici +39 345 3674514

Inasset Srl: Michele Petrazzo +39 348 4910976

FVS and RiverRock investors: Diego Tognetti +39 346 6185413