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As part of the “Open procedure for the acquisition and customization of a software for the digital check of the Turin markets (n.18_005)” awarded by public deed on 09/11/2018, PA Evolution received the task of analysis and development of a platform that would facilitate the management of the presence of vendors at markets and fairs. The aim was to allow a digital check for the allocation of space to authorization holders and so-called “spuntisti” (i.e. “checkers”).

The app had to optimize the processing times (both for data relating to presences/absences on the markets and for the handling of the rankings), the digitalization of payments and the authorization consultation.

To achieve this goals, PA Evolution has developed the Merc@TO web application, now owned by CSI-Piemonte (Consortium for the Information System) and the City of Turin. The app is usable from mobile devices supplied by the municipal police of Turin.


The app was developed using the VBG platform which is a platform developed by PA Evolution on behalf of Regione Umbria, which grants it free of charge to public administrations.

The VBG platform is composed of two components:

  • VBG-Front End to manage the requests/files of citizens and businesses;
  • VBG-Back-Office addressing the management aspects relating to the operators of the institution in the investigation of requests/files;

The domains in which the VBG platform is used are:

  • SUAP: Businesses Activities Help Desk
  • SUE: Planning and Building Help Desk
  • Citizen Help Desk

PA Evolution was appointed to deploy the VBG platform, to analyse and implement the Merc@TO application and to activate it on the sixty markets of the city of Turin which take place daily from Monday to Saturday.

The activity has included training days for CSI Piemonte, an initial support on the markets.

PA Evolution also manages the Help Desk activities and the solution maintenance.


  • The implementation of the solution proposed by PA Evolution has enabled the city of Turin to manage more rapidly the presence detection operations on the markets, adding the possibility of immediate control over the status of an authorization, the possible presence of an authorization on several markets, on the possibility of register new economic operators through the integration of the PARIX services of the chamber of commerce that allow to immediately verify that the company is registered and to pre-compilate the fields regarding the company name, the PEC box, the REA number and other info, this avoiding any typing errors.
  • The process of detecting presences on the markets, by the municipal police, has been de-materialized and has completely eliminated the use of paper.
  • The solution can be reused by any public administration in the Italian territory in compliance with the guidelines on the acquisition and reuse of software for public administrations, published by AGID.
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