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Founded in 1973, Kordsa Global represents the world leader in reinforcement materials for the tire, composite and construction industries. With 4000 employees, headquarters in Turkey, offices and branches in Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and the United States, Kordsa is universally recognized as “The Reinforcer” thanks to its global leadership, the high technical competence of its technicians and the high quality of the services and solutions it offers.

In 2012 Kordsa decided to entrust the management of their Global Shopfloor Project to Up Solutions, with the aim of improving operations, modernizing and digitizing the processes and the TCF production area.


The team first developed a machine-to-machine communication model, based on an Internet of Things (IoT) system, creating graphic projects that took into account the installation of technological devices in the various production areas.

Once the hardware installation was completed (with PLC, industrial PC, industrial LCD TV screens and mobile devices), Up Solutions implemented their just monitoring solution, with an international team in 5 continents and 6 countries for a total of 602 machines, 42500 connected spindles, divided into 18 groups. In total there are now 471 industrial PCs and 37 industrial LCD TV screens, which generate 6 million raw data consolidated daily in Big Data.

Up Solutions follow the maintenance and continue alongside Kordsa to constantly increase the productivity of the system.


  • Efficiency of monitoring tools: thanks to just monitoring and through the digitalisation of their industrial PCs, today Kordsa obtains indications and graphs on the performance of each individual machine; arrests and relative causes, response times and efficiencies, are all highlighted and made available in real-time, directly from the PLCs
  • The need of voluminous handwritten documentation has been eliminated and the archives have been moved onto digital channels
  • All production-related information is automatically displayed on each machine and the production portal includes and loads all applications into a single platform shared by all users
  • Global KPIs can now be tracked and the web-based modules of the just monitoring solution allow to reach the information at any time, from any place and from any mobile device and to automatically generate different types of reports
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