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Vivisol is one of the premier European groups operative in the home care sector. They specialise in respiratory care, (in particular oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation, diagnosis and care of the obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome), and also provide services in the fields of artificial nutrition, telemedicine, health assistance, and the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers.

The goal of the project was to provide Vivisol with a simple and intuitive tool for sizing their sales tools against the expected growth. It was therefore necessary to provide a Budget instrument that would allow data-entry activities together with navigation and analysis functions of the data itself.


The investments for the sales media (company assets) required to support the Vivisol business belong to three different groups. Different management methods, yet all based on SAP Fiori, were envisaged for each one of them: 1. Patient growth, 2. Maintenance of the existing asset portfolio, 3. Commercial strategy.

The proposed and implemented solution was built using for the on-premise part a SQL DB as data repository (partly powered by SAP ECC6 for the valorization of materials); for all data entry activities and for a first analysis of the sizing of sales tools both in quantity and value, SAP FIORI was combined with DB HANA in REAL-TIME replication of data on SAP Cloud Platform; finally SAP Business Objects was implemented for a more complete Reporting.


The implementation of the solution proposed by PA ABS allowed Vivisol:

  • Efficiency improvement of budget and control tools
  • Increased accuracy of analysis and results
  • Immediate verification of the investments necessary to support the business
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